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  • World Maestro Colin O’Donohoe

Hello from Rio de Janeiro!

I arrived in Brazil on the 27th of January and quickly got thrust into the pulsating grooves of Samba. I have been truly fortunate to be mentored by one of the great Mestres in Rio: Mestre Pablo Gabriel of Porto da Pedra. It has been several years since I have drummed this hard, this often!

I've been trying hard to post routinely to my Instagram account @worldmaestro with entertaining posts and stories. Wifi access has made it tough to do much else until I return to the US in March.

In the last two weeks I have played with four Samba schools including Porto da Pedra, Inocentes de Belford Roxo, Vigario Geral, and Mangueira. Each school brings their own genuine style which keeps me alert and learning on the tips of my dancing toes.

I continue working and learning every day here until early March. I’ll be performing 2 nights inside the legendary “Sambadrome” during Carnival in front of thousands live and millions through television. It is a great honor and an amazing learning experience.


Oh yeah, no rest for the wicked! When I get back to the USA I’ll be heading straight into the studio recording my first feature album in over a decade!

From the Gobi Desert to the Amazon I have been traveling and meeting master musicians. In 2020 the culmination of all that performing and learning will be put down in some major new works. It will feature musicians from several continents and be the best work I have done to date.

I’m really excited to finally release the work and I hope to have it ready for your ears before summertime comes. (fingers crossed)

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I can’t rent studio time and hire musicians with my awesome smile. It is my hope that I can provide all of you some amazing entertainment in exchange for a small patronage. I’m looking for the win/win here so let me know what kinds of music, videos, and info you would like to see from my unique Patreon Page.

Isn’t life awesome? New adventures daily!

Thank you for caring so much about the work I’m doing and following me on this crazy road.


Colin O’Donohoe

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